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Zoe, my little speed demon



Call Name: Zoe

Registered Name: Whirlwind Zoe

Titles Earned:  CDC, TDI, NAP, FA

Breed:  Border Collie

Gender:  Female

Birthday: December 15, 2001

Owner:  Wayne and Nancy

Handlers: Nancy, Cherri


Zoe is a little different from the other Border collies. When we're at home, she usually likes to find a quiet place to lie down and watch what is going on unlike the other two border collie who are usually lying close to our feet. She is what we would call a workaholic dog - whatever she is doing, she always gives 100%. On an agility course, she tries to complete the course as quickly as possible. This is usually her downfall as she tends to knock a bar or take a wrong course. When she does qualify, she is 25 to 30 seconds under course time and gets first place. Zoe usually attracts a lot of attention because of her speed on the course. Everybody enjoys seeing Zoe run. She has been clocked at over 15 feet per second on an agility course. To see Zoe running an agility, click on the link on the agility page.

Tire jump in agility

Weave poles in agility