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Xena, Warrior Princess



Call Name:  Xena

Registered Name:  Starwind Xena

Titles Earned:  CDC, TDI, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ, NAP,


Breed:  Border Collie

Gender:  Female

August 15, 2000 - August 27, 2015

Owner:  Wayne and Nancy Harmon

Handlers:  Wayne Harmon

Xena was my first Agility Dog.  We traveled 150 miles every week to North Little Rock to train with Cherri White and the Hillbilly Barhoppers (hot or cold, rain or shine) for several years.  We enjoyed agility and going to agility trials with our friends. During the time I was undergoing chemo therapy, we continued to compete in agility – my wife would meet me at the end of a course with a chair to sit in and take Xena.  One of our most memorable moments was at an agility in Memphis when Xena had a double Q and got both her Excellent titles (AX and AXJ) the same day.  Xena started having some back problems in 2005 and never fully reached her potential.  We both really enjoyed agility and had so much fun over the years.  She still gets excited when she thinks she is going to run a course, but for her own health, she is now  “retired”.  In addition to agility, Xena is a certified therapy dog and has participated in many visits to schools, nursing homes, libraries and many other events, sponsored by the Hot springs National Park kennel club. Because of her good nature, she was often used as a "friendly dog" during the kennel club Canine good Citizenship (CDC) evaluation of other dogs.

Xena on teeterxena chute

xena jump