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    Agility is obedience set to motion

     In agility, the handler (a human) directs his/her partner (the dog) around a set of up to 20 numbered obstacles which can consist of tunnels, jumps of different sizes and types, a teeter, a table, a closed chute, an a-frame and a dog walk.  The most challenging obstacle for the dog is a set of 12 poles.  The dog must enter the first pole on the left and weave it's entire body back and forth until exiting on the right between poles number eleven and twelve. 

     The dog and handler team have less than a minute to perform the maneuvers in order starting with obstacle number one and finishing with obstacle number 20 (16 - 18 for novice dogs).  A typical course can be anywhere from 145 to 185 yards (one and a half times the length of a football field).

     The team is judged on successfully performing each obstacle maneuver.  Dropping a bar, failing to touch the yellow portion of the dog walk, teeter or a-frame;  jumping off the table before the judge says "go", or popping out of the weave pole sequence are all grounds for a non-qualification score. 

To see a dog (Zoe) run an agility Standard course, click here

To see a dog (Keppie) run an agility Jumpers with Weaves course, click here

agility course - teeter


agility course - weave poles

keppie jumping